Role & Duties

Rockland County Sheriff’s Reserve Force

The County of Rockland Sheriff's Department has a voluntary Reserve Force, that are called to work for various details throughout the County.

They must attend mandatory training classes outlined by the Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy curriculum.

Mission Statement

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Reserve Police Force is an all volunteer force from diverse social, ethnic, religious and occupational backgrounds that is used to augment and supplement full time law enforcement staff. It is dedicated to the protection of life and property and the preservation of a safe environment for the citizens of Rockland County.

The Reserve Force assists the regular staff during times of declared emergencies, disasters, or war. They may assist with traffic and crowd control at parades, sports and special events, residential house checks, crime prevention and traffic safety. They are the eyes and ears of regular police officers and the community.

Recruitment Criteria

Any citizen of Rockland County under the age of 65 is eligible to apply.

The applicant will be subjected to a background investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Police Division BCI.

The applicant must possess some special talent or ability that will serve to enhance the overall growth and expansion of the Sheriff’s Police Division.

The applicant must successfully complete a period of 10 weeks training conducted the Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy.

A waiting list has been established for any future positions by Application Filing Date and will only be filled upon the vacancy of a current position.

Program Administration

The Reserve Force Program will be administered by any superior officer of the Police Division under the direction of the Chief.


The Sheriff’s Reserve Force is comprised of 75 volunteers. They will be assigned to three platoons each consisting of 25 volunteers.

Each Platoon consists of a Voluntary Platoon Leader to coordinate activities and will be divided into 3 squads each squad consisting of 8 volunteers. Each squad will be headed by a Volunteer Squad Leader.


Responsibilities (Coordinate through officer in charge)

Voluntary Platoon Leader (3 Positions)




Voluntary Squad Leader

Receive Instructions from Platoon Leader

All of the above positions are voluntary in nature and can assume no authority without the direction of a superior officer in the Sheriff’s Office.

Training Schedule

All Reserve force personnel will undergo an initial training course of 10 weeks and a quarterly refresher course every three months. All Reserve Force Personnel will meet for refresher training on a quarterly basis. This meeting will also serve to discuss additional training duties or any other concerns they may have with respect to their functions. If they fail to attend three successive sessions of the refresher course they will be required to undergo the 10 week curriculum again.

Uniforms and Equipment

The following uniform will be required of all Reserve Deputies

Black pants with Grey stripe  

Grey Shirt

Black /Blue Socks

Black sneakers or shoes

Black reversible jacket (OSHA Compliant)

All of the above will be purchased by the Deputy.

The Division will provide the badges, ID cards, shoulder patches, collar brass, ties, tie clips and a ball cap clearly marked Reserve Force. All new badges purchased by the Department will remain the property of the Sheriff's Department. The accessories worn on the uniform shall be worn as directed by the department rules.

The care and maintenance of uniforms is the responsibility of the members. Uniforms will be subjected to inspection.

The above outlined uniforms will be mandated as the Sheriff's Department Reserve Force dress code. The manner in which volunteers present themselves reflects upon the department.

Note: Badges will NOT be displayed or worn on uniform belts or necklace holders.


Reserve Force Officers will be issued and are authorized to carry assigned Police Portable Radios during their assigned shifts. Reserve Force Officers are NOT authorized to purchase and/or carry a Police type portable radio containing the Sheriff/Police frequencies for private use. When necessary, flashlights will also be issued. All issued equipment must be returned upon completion of duty and volunteers will be held accountable for any loss or damage.

The position of Special Deputy/Reserve Force does NOT give you the right to carry a handgun and is specifically FORBIDDEN while on duty as a Reserve Force Deputy. Further the status as a Deputy Sheriff/Reserve Force Officer does NOT authorize you to purchase and/or carry any type of police equipment including nightsticks, ASP's, handcuffs, pepper spray, etc.

Mileage in and out will always be recorded whenever the Reserve Force vehicle is used. Any damage will be promptly reported.



All personnel when assigned to a detail will report to the Station unless otherwise directed and obtain an incident number assigning them to that detail. Upon completion of the detail they return to the station and provide the desk officer with an all clear report. Any losses damages or injuries will be reported before completion of the detail. All personnel must report on time.



All personnel when on duty are indemnified under Chapter 45 Rockland County Local Law provided they are acting within the scope of their duties.


Ride along

Reservists may be authorized on occasion to ride-along with police officers. This is beneficial to both the officer and the volunteer.


Individual Platoons and/or Squads who do NOT fulfill their responsibility when requested to work on three separate occasions will be removed from the Reserve Force. Consequently your letter of resignation will be enforced.

The mandatory training requirements outlined by the Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy curriculum for the Sheriff's Reserve Force will be met and if there is failure to meet the curriculum standards one will be subject to a review via the Sheriff's Department administration. Consequently your letter of resignation will be enforced.

Additionally, any acts of misconduct by the individual Reserve Force member will be reviewed by the Sheriff's Department administration and consequently your letter of resignation will be enforced. Reserve Force personnel will not report for duty influenced or impaired by alcohol or drugs, nor shall they consume any within four hours of reporting for duty.

Volunteers must always be polite and courteous when dealing with the public and must always remember to identify themselves as volunteers both on the phone or in person. As with any public service organization, professionalism in both attitude and physical appearance is critical. As volunteers, members are ambassadors for the Rockland County Sheriff’s Police Division.